Shopping in Reykjavik

Going shopping at what most people would consider the very edge of the world may seem counterintuitive, but Reykjavik does indeed offer its visitors several interesting shopping opportunities. Designer clothing, antiques, eyewear, jewelry and artwork—from either side of the Atlantic as well as local—can be found in the many stores that dot the downtown Reykjavik shopping area, as well as the city’s shopping malls, Kringlan and Smáralind.

The local fare includes exquisite hand-made jewelry and art in all its forms, the ever-present Icelandic woolen jumpers, various fish leather products and stunning hand-crafted knives, to name but a few. Icelandic outdoor clothing is a business unto itself, with worldwide labels such as 66°N and Cintamani leading the way in fabrics technology as well as style.