The Blue Lagoon - Icelands biggest tourist attraction
Keilir Mountain - Reykjanes Peninsula

The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland's biggest tourist attractions. Renowned the world over for its unforgettable atmosphere and otherworldly surroundings. Ever popular with Icelanders and tourists alike, the Blue Lagoon has also been used in countless photo shoots, fashion exhibitions and in movies all for a good reason. The name of the Lagoon derives from the sky blue color of the water, a sight you will never forget.
The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa that is located in Iceland. This is one of the main attractions in Iceland and allows guest to renew their relationship with nature and soak up some of the natural beauty that Iceland has to offer. Breathing fresh clean air you can sit inside a geothermal spa which has a constant temperature of around 98 -102°F. your skin will be relaxed in geothermal heated seawater and you can take advantage of a number of different treatments and massages while soaking in the natural aspect of the spa.
One extremely popular event that you can see directly from the geothermal spa is the aurora borealis or northern lights. Picture the romantic scene is you and your partner out lie enjoying the warm clean, seawater and night air watching the aurora borealis about you. This can be a truly life altering experience and one that you cannot experience anywhere else in the world. Because of this experience and more, blue Lagoon has been rated amongst the best medical spas and best natural tourist destinations in the entire world.
The seawater within the blue Lagoon is renewed every 40 hours keeping the water fresh and clean. Staff also does regular testing on the water and the regular sampling has concluded that common bacteria do not thrive in this ecosystem because of the extreme heat. This means you get a natural Spot experience without the use of chemicals or chlorine which can have a detrimental effect on your skin and health. Avoiding chemicals in and joining a natural Spot experience is the best way to gain all of the benefits from Spot treatments and from relaxing in a spot without any consequences.
The minerals within the water have a very distinctive composition featuring a high level of silica. The water also only has one third of the level of the ocean salinity. The extremely special mixture will have some great health effects for skin and help to revitalize your body. Relaxing inside the blue Lagoon can help you feel invigorated as well as be extremely relaxing.
The water in the blue Lagoon comes from over 2000 m below the ground and rises up by being heated by year’s volcanic forces. The seawater is then cooled on the way up and able to capture minerals which give it its intense healing powers and skin revitalizing nature. There isn’t water like this anywhere else in the world.
While you’re in the area you may want to enjoy other attractions surrounding this by including whale watching off of the coast and horse riding to her throughout the area. On the tour you can see some of the wildlife within the area by taking a boat out and enjoying some whale watching and on the horse riding tours you can travel around the blue Lagoon and see if the multiple pools and beautiful landscapes which surround this natural wonder.
If you’re interested in having a relaxing day or experiencing one of the world’s greatest natural wonders do not hesitate to look into blue Lagoon when you’re in Iceland.